Connecting with Each Other 

Could you call 5 people you know every week?


We are trying to connect with one another across Shadwell. If we all committed to phoning up to 5 people every week, just think how many branches we'd create between us...

It's so important to stay connected. Each call so someone you already know could achieve 4 things:

Connect: Listen to how the person is doing

Discover: Ask if they need help with anything.

Encourage: Offer some simple words of encouragement or comfort.

Invite: Discuss with the person about whether they can also be calling people.


There  are a number of Shadwell community organisations who are offering to support those in need during this difficult time especially. So if you identify a need that you can't meet (for example someone needing a food delivery, or sme pastoral care) then do get in touch with one of the people listed below. 

We have prepared some simple guidance notes to support you to make your calls. You can download them here. 

This is a list of the 'point person' for a number of the institutions in 'Shadwell Responds'. If you belong to one of these institutions, always share your conversation with your organisations ‘point person’ so as to ensure accountability and safety for all. 


St Mary's Cable Street

Father Peter McGeary:   020 7790 0973 / 07890 198189

Bethan Lant:   07891 262324  

St George-in-the-East

Rector Father Richard Springer on 020 7481 1345


St Paul's Shadwell 

Philippa Cook: 


English Martyrs

Father Ray Warren: 02077020270


E1 Community Church 

Phil Warburton: 07985414906

Darul Ummah Jame Masjid

Khoyrul Shaheed: 07956470778


We are a group of local residents in Shadwell representing a number of local institutions (churches, mosques, community groups). 

This website exists to coordinate local efforts to support our community, and to identify gaps in provision – however big or small. We also want this to be a place that individuals can be connected up with others at this most challenging of times. 

St Mary's Cable Street

St Paul's Shadwell

Darul Ummah Mosque

St Paul's School, Whitechapel 

St George's Estate TRA

St George in the East Church

Oblate Retreat Centre 

Open Table 

Women 100 

E1 Community Church

Centre for Theology and Community 

Please let us know if you are a Shadwell based organisation interested in joining us. 

If you'd like to find out more, join our mailing list:

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