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Can you make a 90 second video to share?  

This is a place for us to hear from people across this neighbourhood about how they are coping in lockdown. Let's encourage, support and look out for one another.

The simpler the better. You can use a smart phone or tablet and then email it to

Sister Rumana talks about #Food4NHS, an initiative started by Women 100 & Shadwell Responds leader Kulsuma Begum and other local women during Ramadan to cook food for NHS staff. 

Sajeda Ahmed, a leader at Darul Ummah Mosque and Women 100, gives a message of hope to people of faith in this time of crisis. 

Doris, a member of the congregation at St George-in-the-East, shares how her faith is an encouragement and source of strength during this time of trial. 

Selina, from the Beacon Institute, and a Shadwell Resident, offers a message of hope and talks about how she is coping in the lockdown, and identifying hidden blessings. 

Father Angus Ritchie, a priest at St George-in-the-East and the Centre for Theology and Community, talks about the importance of finding stillness at this time of hardship and anxiety. If you would like to join in with silent prayer online on  Mondays and Fridays at 9am email angus [AT]

Leaders at Darul Ummah Mosque talk about a different Ramadan this year, and the support that they are providing to those in need in our community.

Jim, a resident from St George's Estate in Swedenbourg Gardens, takes us around the Orchard near his home and talks about how gardening is helping him get through the lockdown. 

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