We have now produced a video letter calling on Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP to add Iceland to the Free School Meal Scheme. The video includes local representatives from all our institutions, a song from St Paul's Whitechapel Choir Church, and video messages from: 

Bishop Joanne Grenfell (Church of England Bishop of Stepney) 

Mayor John Biggs (Mayor of Tower Hamlets)

Apsana Begum MP (MP for Poplar and Limehouse)

Cllr Rachel Blake (Deputy Mayor of Tower Hamlets)

Cllr Rabina Khan (Cllr for Shadwell)

Please watch the video here, and do share it as far and wide as you can...


We have written to Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP asking them to ensure Edenred establish technology that would make it possible for Iceland and other affordable supermarkets to receive free school meal vouchers. 


We have had a response written on behalf of the Chief Executive of Iceland to our letter and petition. 



"Sir Malcolm Walker, David Devany and Iceland fully share your disappointment that Iceland is unable to participate in the Government’s free school meal voucher scheme.  We were surprised when the Department for Education’s original list of participants omitted not just Iceland, but all the other discount retailers where parents whose children are entitled to free school meals are most likely to shop."


Petition to Malcom Walker, CEO of Iceland,  to ask Iceland to please join the Government’s National Free School Meal vouchers scheme.

We are calling for this on behalf of eight local institutions, representing over 2000 people in Shadwell.  Many of our members rely on free school meals in order to feed their families. During the Coronavirus lockdown, free school meals have been made available via a voucher scheme where eligible families can download a voucher and use it to do their shop at one of the stores in the scheme.


Most of the local families who rely on free school meals normally shop at our local branch of Iceland in Watney Market, since it is the nearest and cheapest option. However, because Iceland is not a member of the scheme, these families are now forced to shop elsewhere at more expensive supermarkets and the local premium stories (Tesco Metro, and Sainsburys local). Waitrose is the nearest designated store, which is completely unaffordable many of our local families.


As a local store providing affordable food for the poorest in our community, we want to continue to support Iceland.

We are therefore calling upon Iceland to sign up to the government scheme in order to allow these families that are struggling to make their money go further, and we know that you have the power to do this.


We are members of the national charity Citizens UK – a community organising alliance of 450 civil society organisations (churches, schools, mosques, synagogues etc) working together to tackle the injustices in our society. We know this is an issue which is affecting our members right across the country.


We thank Iceland for providing an affordable local food outlet and continuing to support this community despite the demands of the current crisis and welook forward to working with Iceland  to make sure families on restricted income are able to take advantage of your affordable prices. We want to make sure no-one in Shadwell, or anywhere in the UK goes hungry.

We need as many local people as possible to support us. Sign  and share our petition here. 


We are a group of local residents in Shadwell representing a number of local institutions (churches, mosques, community groups). 

This website exists to coordinate local efforts to support our community, and to identify gaps in provision – however big or small. We also want this to be a place that individuals can be connected up with others at this most challenging of times. 

St Mary's Cable Street

St Paul's Shadwell

Darul Ummah Mosque

St Paul's School, Whitechapel 

St George's Estate TRA

St George in the East Church

Oblate Retreat Centre 

Open Table 

Women 100 

E1 Community Church

Centre for Theology and Community 

Please let us know if you are a Shadwell based organisation interested in joining us. 

If you'd like to find out more, join our mailing list:

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